Woman Gets Caught Cheating After Revealing Too Much In Snapchat Pics

It used to be pretty easy to cheat on your spouse.

When our parents and grandparents wanted to get in on some extramarital action, all they really needed to do was come up with mediocre alibis, find willing partners and hope to God they didn't run into someone from the Rotary Club on their way to the motel.

If you were smart and had even a minuscule amount of luck, you could successfully scoop up some strange, off-site booty with little-to-no repercussions whatsoever.

But that's all changed.

Social media tags, Ashley Madison hacks, accidental iPhone geotracking and a billion other tech things make cheating harder than ever before.

Nowadays, you need a master's in Comparative Game Theory from Stanford just to run an anonymous Tinder profile.

In a weird way, the generation that consistently tells us how we're ungrateful for literally everything is equally guilty of this by not being thankful when it comes to having lived in the golden age of side-piecin'.

Take, for example, this wife who allegedly got totally 100 percent undeniably caught cheating over Snapchat.

It apparently started as a simple and sexy post to her significant other.

It was followed by a simpler and sexier snap.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, YA DONE GOT CAUGHT!

Think before you snap.

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