Woman Loses Her Sh*t When She Catches Her Husband With His Mistress (Video)

A wife reportedly caught her husband on a date with his mistress and stopped them from fleeing the scene.

According to Daily Mail, footage believed to be filmed in Mexico shows the wife sitting on top of her husband's BMW, yelling at him while the mistress sits in the passenger seat.

It appears two police officers order the husband to tell the mistress to get out of the car, which she does.

As the mistress walks past the hood, the wife slaps her in the face. The mistress stays calm, however, and gets into a taxi likely called by police.

Bystanders can be heard talking about both women, Daily Mail reports.

Of the husband, one witness reportedly says,

Dirty old man. He must be covered in gold for them to be fighting over him.

The video ends with the wife getting into the BMW while her husband speaks to police.

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