Woman Calls Out Troll Who Told Her She Shouldn't Be A Working Mom

In case you spent most of your life sealed in shrink wrap due to a childhood accident, were recently freed and are now considering rejoining society, there's something important you need to know: The dumbest dudes have the strongest opinions.

Some troll, who I can only assume is a public erection personified, recently shamed Irish radio presenter Susan Keogh by suggesting she shouldn't have a career and a child.

In response, Keogh wrote this human boner an open letter and shared it on Twitter.

She wrote,

My husband leaves the house at 5 every morning. He misses 'wake up time' every day. Guess how many people point that out to him? You got it! None. Do I feel guilty? Every day… But I work to provide a better future for my daughter.

Only a big-hearted woman does a troll the favor of enlightening him or her to alternative ways of living, though the idea that being a working mother is considered an alternative or even an unfathomable life choice is a sincere bummer.

Speaking as a happy, well-adjusted, independent daughter of two working parents, I swear there are far worse things to be (like, I don't know, a weenie who trolls moms online).

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