Woman Got The Most Epic Cake From Her Friends At Work After Being Let Go

Co-workers are seriously the best, aren't they?!

Well, except for this woman's story of a horrid co-worker who kept stealing her coffee creamer.

The best part of it was the “coffee creamer” actually turned out to be the woman's breast milk all along, so HARD JOKES ON THAT CO-WORKER in the end.

For the most part, you can always count on your work squad to come on through when you're having a horrible AF day.

It usually involves being surprised with some sort of food, because let's be completely real here, who doesn't love a cookie cake?!

I could totally get down with that if I was having a rough day.

That's exactly what happened with this one woman who got laid off from her job in human resources.

Her friends at work surprised her with the most epic going away cake, that reads, “Fuck this place,” complete with chocolate frosting and everything.

Got laid off - my work friends nailed my going away cake.

It seems the woman was v. happy about this surprise cake, as she said her co-workers totally “nailed” it.

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