This Woman Adopted An Entire Dog Shelter And The Reason Why Will Make You Cry

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

There's a reason I don't go strolling through dog shelters on Sunday afternoons: I will most definitely take one or more pups home with me. And with my small apartment and limited funds, I really can't afford to adopt my ideal number of doggies, which would probably number in the hundreds -- at least.

Fortunately, one woman has the resources to adopt an entire shelter full of dogs, and that's exactly what she did. When Danielle Eden went to check out a dog shelter in Israel, she knew she was going to leave with at least one dog. Only, she couldn't ignore the horrible living conditions the dogs were subjected to, and that's when she decided she had to leave with all 250 of them.

As the co-founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, an animal rescue center in Ontario, Eden has seen her fair share of appalling situations. This shelter, however, proved to be the worst she'd ever seen between a rat infestation, hardly any food and filthy drinking water. To make matters worse, the space was designed for 70 dogs at most.

So far, Eden has found homes for 90 of the pups she rescued and has brought back 25 to Canada. She hopes to place the rest in good homes as soon as possible.

Check out the original Facebook post and video below, if you think your heart can handle it.

We would like to take a moment to fill everyone in on an enormous project that we have taken on here at Dog Tales. The... Posted by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary on Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't forget to visit your local animal shelter to save a furry friend near you. 

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