Woman Accidentally Reveals Sex Toys In A Selfie She Sent To Her Family

by Eitan Levine

Oh, girl. All our thoughts and prayers are straight-up WITH YOU today.

What's the worst thing to ever happen to you ever? The death of a family member? Crippling debt? Legit jail time?

I ask because this picture of an anonymous woman accidentally sending a selfie to her family where two sex toys are prominently displayed is worse than all of those things combined.

I'd rather attend my grandma's funeral 10 times a day for a year straight than be subjected to this NIGHTMARE.

Here's the simple-enough selfie this woman sent to her family chat in honor of an interview she had that day.

Aaaaaaand then, the crap hits the fan.


There is no way to come back from that. If I'm her, I automatically just call it quits, cut off all ties to my family and move to the woods. Game, set, match. Life = Done.

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