Teen Had Hilarious Post-Surgery Breakdown Over 'Moana' And The Rock Responded

by Arielle Lana LeJarde

One of my guilty pleasure is staying up until 3 am watching people high on anesthesia after getting their wisdom teeth taken out. Seriously, guys, these videos are the funniest things ever.

LMFAO — Wisdom Reactions (@WisdomReaction) June 14, 2015

So when Becki with the bad teeth (not to be confused with Becky with the good hair) tweeted this video of herself crying at the dentist's office, I was here for it!

I was super depressed moana wasn't out yet @Lin_Manuel @TheRock — Becki ✨ (@rbnicole_) October 13, 2016

Apparently, she really wanted to see the new Disney's new movie "Moana" because The Rock is in it.

HEY BECKI, if you're a real fan, name five of his movies!!

Nah, she obviously has a love for him like no other. I mean, we all have our celebrity crushes, but who would be able to admit they've legitimately cried over theirs? Let alone post video proof of them doing it.

I can't even judge her, though, because Becki crying is literally me every morning when I wake up and Drake isn't next to me. JUST LOVE ME ALREADY, DRAKE. Can't you see how I work you into everything?!

Becki's friends and family continued to take videos of her in her post-surgery state.

In this video, her friend asks her,

Becky what would you say to The Rock if he was here right now?

To which she responds,

Oh my GOSH! I probably... I DON'T KNOW, HE'S NOT HERE!

After watching these videos, I seriously feel like Becki could be my spirit animal.

You can actually hear her dad in this video saying they're going to find a movie with The Rock in it. That's what true love looks like.

At least she had some good people around her who fully support her love for The Rock... or are they not-so-good people for recording her in the first place?

Nope, public humiliation proves to be worth it because The Rock actually retweeted the video.

This is everything . The joys of when the dentist gives you anesthesia... (Moana comes out this Thanksgiving Becki ) — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) October 13, 2016

Or maybe he was just trying to shamelessly self-promote his new movie?

Can't stop laughing.. Glad surgery is done. You're a trooper. I was with you in spirit! — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) October 13, 2016

OK, she got eight retweets. It was definitely worth it.

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