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Wisdom Teeth Surgery Made Kid Choose His Dog Over Mom

If you've ever had surgery performed on your wisdom teeth, you know how delirious the anesthetics can make you.

Remember the girl that told her mom she couldn't stop choking on penis? Yeah, painkillers are weird.

One 17-year-old kid from Texas found this out the hard way when he suddenly panicked after the car ride home from his dental surgery.

No, it wasn't because his mom hit a speed bump while traveling at a high speed. It was simply because he was faced with a dilemma that didn't even exist.

Gabe Rodriguez's own brain confronted him with a huge non-existent problem -- whether to save his mom or dog if they were both dangling off the edge of a cliff.

The best part? The entire ordeal was captured on camera to remind us about the harsh aftereffects of pain-soothing anesthetics.

The video starts off immediately with Gabe crying like a baby, which prompted his mom Millie to take her phone out and record the gold.

Gabe can be heard sobbing while saying,

He's such a nice dog.

The kid is clearly referring to his pup named Lincoln. Gabe can hardly get his words out as he cries about the fake death of his dog.

That's when his mom says,

I don't think you need to worry about Lincoln dying right now. Are you going to be OK? You love Lincoln don't you?

That last question is what yanked the scary truth right out of Gabe.

He immediately responds,

Maybe more than you... It's up for grabs.

The (legally) drugged-out kid then goes into detail about why he would save his dog and not the woman who literally birthed him and allowed him to even have wisdom teeth in the first place.

I guess it's safe to say a wisdom teeth surgery feels a lot like... losing a loved one (that you secretly love more than your mom)? It sure seems that way, Gabe.

Check out the hilarious video above for a closer look!

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