Wine-Infused Coffee Actually Exists, And It's Good For You

by Alexa Mellardo

If you find yourself in a sticky situation where you're forced to pick between having a glass of red wine, or a cup of coffee, there's really no need to stress.

Coffee fanatics and passionate wine lovers alike can rejoice, because there's a new hybrid in town that puts your typical morning cup of joe to absolute SHAME.

Peter Karras

Napa Valley-based brands are collaborating on what sounds like complete and utter heaven to my ears: wine-infused coffee.

This will be the very first coffee of its kind that actually utilizes coffee beans infused with wine.

It's the product of two and a half years of hard work and dedication to a v. important cause: fulfilling every wine and coffee lover's dream.

According to Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve, here's how the process actually works:

The full-bodied coffee beans relax in a beautiful small-batch, artisan-crafted wine, absorbing its nose and history. The coffee is then carefully dried and hand roasted in small batches.

The blend highlights a blueberry flavor, and once you add some milk into the mix, it brings out even more of the spectacular wine taste.

Cherish Bryck

Chill it over night, and it will get the job done like a boss in the morning when you roll out of bed. Just as wine tastes better with age, the coffee will have a richer taste when it sits for awhile.

If you're all about that boozy brunch life, wine-infused coffee will certainly take your festivities to the next level.

And what's even more incredible than the mere thought of wine-infused coffee? You're getting the health benefits from coffee AND wine, simultaneously.

As if you'd need any more incentive to try it, the creation is chock-full of antioxidants.

Coffee drinkers live longer, and the beverage also amps up your energy. Coffee prevents cancer while giving your skin that flawless glow.

A glass of red wine has been proven to have the same effect on your body as working out for an hour at the gym, while drinking just two glasses of it will give you way better sex.

Needless to say, there's no better time now than to satisfy your wine-infused coffee craving.

The coffee is available online, and for those who live in or near the Napa Valley area, various coffee shops will carry it.