This Is The Only Type Of Alcohol That Actually Leads To Better Sex

by Alexa Mellardo

Have you been longing to improve your game between the sheets lately?

If so, making one tweak to your everyday life will change your sex life for the better.

Heck yeah, you heard that right.

Sure, drinking alcohol has been proven to boost your overall happiness (which most of us know far too well from turning up with the squad at the club).

But there's actually a holy grail of alcohol that EXISTS in this world that can help both men and women enjoy sex more, too… so drink up!

New research shows, having just two glasses of red wine each day actually causes your sex drive to skyrocket. Guys can thank quercetin, a flavanol found in red wine, for this kinky news.

Cherish Bryck

According to the research, a man who downs two glasses of red wine per day will have a higher testosterone level than the dude who doesn't favor drinking red wine at all.

This leads to his strong desire to have sex, while the beer guy is missing out on all the fun. His loss, though. It's scientifically proven how much red wine rocks all of our worlds (and beds)!

Apparently, red wine affects a woman's appetite for sex by heightening blood flow to the sensitive parts of her body known as her "erogenous zones." Hence, why she becomes super aroused.

Low and behold: The answer when you're trying to amp up your sex life? Look no further than drinking two glasses of red wine. It's as simple (and savory) as that.

Consider this on date night with bae. Enjoy a glass with dinner... and pour yourself a glass with that delicious chocolate cake you baked for dessert. OR, just embrace this two-glass situation at full-throttle and double fist it.

Confession: I myself am ~slightly~ obsessed with wine.

I'm that girl who always has Rose All Day gummy bears in her purse, because that's just how this chick knows how to roll. And to be quite honest, “rose all day” is pretty much my motto.

I totally understand how wine o'clock is an important (and vital) part of each day… especially because of the sexual benefits it brings to the table.

If you want to take your sex to the next level, get your priorities in line and start drinking red wine ASAP, people. You're only doing yourself a favor.

And to top it all off, having more sex makes you a healthier person, too. So basically, you're just reaping the benefits all around.

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