Here's How You Can Win Free Stuff While Playing Pokémon Go


Just when you thought Pokémon Go couldn't get any more damn addictive.

If you've held off downloading the app so far, good luck with that after this news.

It turns out you can get free swag while playing Pokémon Go.

Here's the deal: You gotta go to Lure Squad.

Some clever business people caught on to the fact there's serious money to be made from the fad.

The website invited firms to offer rewards to players who go to specific sites and drop a Pokémon lure, with the idea being loads of users will swarm to the business to catch the Pokémon that appear outside.

7-Eleven is all over it. Shops are offering free slushies for people willing to "show [them their] Pokémon skills."

Lure Squad

It looks a lot like Google Maps with pins showing the free stuff.

The website and app are new, so there aren't that many businesses taking part for now. But, Lure Squad is definitely worth looking up and keeping your eyes peeled for mega offerings.

Your day just got better. Thank me later.

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