This Is The Mind-Blowing Reason Your Spaghetti Spoon Has A Hole In It


You probably never paid too much attention, but spaghetti spoons have giant holes in the center of them -- why? Is it for draining purposes or is it the result of an unintentional mistake by the mastermind behind its existence?

Well, luckily for the internet, we now know what that spaghetti spoon hole actually does.

According to a post by Imgur user PolarChi, the mysterious hole is used to measure the perfect serving size for a single plate of spaghetti. It's basically a built-in life hack that no one ever tells you about...

Perhaps because they had no idea either!


I'm not sure about you, but whenever I make pasta, I typically end up throwing a bunch of leftover spaghetti in the trash. However, it looks like those days are over after learning about the spaghetti spoon's true use. This may not change everything, but it definitely revolutionizes pasta night.

Citations: Did you know, that the hole in your spaghetti spoon holds the recommended portion for one serving size of spaghetti. (Imgur)