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What Will iPhone 8 Look Like? New Concept Video Shows Latest Model

Oh look, yet another leaked iPhone 8 video has appeared online.

Unlike its lower quality predecessors, this shiny new one — and the logo-clad phone concept itself — is super pretty.

OnLeaks and Tiger Mobiles joined forces to create the head-turning sneak peek at Apple's iPhone 8, complete with sexy background music and a crystal clear, 360-view of every single detail we might expect come (hopefully) September.

Warning: once you watch the nearly 4-minute clip below, you'll want to upgrade your device immediately.

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Like another leaked "dummy," this supposed iPhone 8 is on par with the lengthy list of rumors we've previously covered, including those sort of major aesthetic changes like an even bigger screen (probably without a home button) and a vertical rear-facing camera.

YouTube/ Tiger Mobiles

Judging by this model, it's safe to say the fingerprint scanner will likely be built into the screen.

A previously leaked design hinted that it might be located inside a lock button on the top righthand corner of the phone, but this video shows no button there.

YouTube/ Tiger Mobiles

Exciting newness aside, Tiger Mobiles noted that the specs could change before the official release date. They explained in the video's description,

I wonder when Apple and CEO Tim Cook will confirm the actual design and functions.

For example, will it be waterproof like a supplier recently revealed?

Olixar already released a screen protector that confirms the edge-to-edge display, so there's hope that our new phones will really look like this.

My fingers are crossed, because I think it's beautiful.

While we wait for answers from Cupertino, let's at least relish the fact that we'll be able to edit screenshots with iOS 11.