Drug Dealer Trolls Client Who Owes Money With Naked Pics Of His Sister

This dude -- and technically his sister -- apparently effed with the wrong drug dealer.

There is an old stereotype that messing with people in the “substance distribution” industry could lead to bodily harm.

If you're a dealer, you can't actually call the police when something financially shady happens to you, so it falls to you and your “consultants” to police your own business.

Sometimes, though, physical violence is nothing compared to emotional warfare.

According to these text messages uncovered by DudeComedy, an alleged stoner who tried pulling a fast one over his dealer just found out sticks and stones may break your bones, but getting naked pics of your sister will scar you for a lifetime.

The drug dealer takes a stand.

He asks his “customer” a question.

The situation gets a little weird.

Then it gets a little graphic.


Then it gets desperate.

Good luck ever seeing another naked lady without immediately thinking of Jessica, bro.

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