Twitter Is Really Angry About This 9/11-Inspired Soda Display In Walmart

by Robert Anthony

Another day, another epic food marketing fail that sends Twitter users into a complete frenzy.

One guy who tweets using the Twitter username Online_Shawn was walking around inside a Walmart in Florida when he noticed a massive soda display.

Only, this wasn't just ANY soda display -- it was a recreation of the historic Twin Towers. Perhaps Walmart's goal was to honor the victims of the horrific terror attack on 9/11.

Most people, however, found the display and "tribute" to be quite tasteless.

In addition to the Twin Towers recreated using Coke Zero boxes, an American flag was assembled just behind the structure using Diet Coke boxes and regular Coke boxes. How creative... NOT.

Behold, the controversial 9/11 tribute seen at a Walmart store in Florida. What do you think?

At first sight, most people thought it was tasteless and anything but a warmhearted tribute.

Some people, however, didn't think it was a foul move at all.

In fact, one person thought it was "wonderful."

Sure, you may be staring at a soda display tribute honoring the victims of 9/11, but maybe it isn't that bad...

Or is it?!

Yeah, it's bad.

Really bad.

Despite equal outrage on both sides, most people just can't help but find the humor in it.


The jokes just kept pouring in.


Overall, there's only one real way to describe this -- LAME.

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