You May Have To Wait Even Longer To Try One Of Those Glorious Rainbow Bagels

Fiends for Rainbow Bagels are being forced to take breaks from lining up around the block at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn while the Bedford Avenue location closes its doors for renovations.

The shop in Williamsburg has been closed since Saturday, depriving neighbors and tourists of that sweet, delicious rainbow carb crack.

Francine LaBarbara, the marketing coordinator for The Bagel Store, claimed recent media coverage caused an outrageous boom in business, influencing owners to handle store maintenance ASAP.

LaBarbara told Gothamist,

We got slammed like you cannot believe… I haven't slept in a couple of weeks. I'm going to say it's been crazy... since Christmas… We needed to revisit everything that's happening, to make the shop better... We really needed to take a second to regroup.

She claimed the daily 800-Rainbow Bagel inventory sells out every day, and special orders, such as those for "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and Marvel Entertainment, put even more pressure on the shop.

LaBarbara added,

What [owner] Scot [Rossillo] will never do is jeopardize the integrity of the product.

Amen. Thank the baby Jesus and all his baby friends. The Bagel Store does have a second location off Graham Avenue in East Williamsburg that LaBarbara confirmed has been “slammed” during the Bedford Avenue store hiatus.

Fans jonesing for a Rainbow Bagel immediately can brave the long lines and winter chill waiting at the other location or have faith in LaBarbara's claim the work being done at the Bedford shop is “really just basic maintenance.”

Tonight, say every prayer you ever heard to any god you even partially recall for the swift return of Rainbow Bagels.

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