This Vlogger Curled Her Hair With Cheetos, And It Somehow Turned Out Perfect


We can't get enough of beauty vloggers taking hair and makeup to the next level and letting us watch the magic happen on YouTube.

This time, YouTuber Bunny Meyer, aka Grave3yardgirl, graced the internet with a video called, "Curling my hair with Cheetos?"

The video was exactly what it sounded like, and the results were surprisingly amazing.

Meyer got the idea to curl her hair with Cheetos after her first video in this series, "Can it curl?" in which she tried creating luscious, curled locks with marshmallows.

Let it be known that the Cheetos worked out WAY better than marshmallows, which totally got stuck in her hair.

Watching her place Cheetos in her hair with bobby pins is actually mesmerizing.

Meyers munched on some of her curlers during the process.

She bought four bags of Cheetos to do this.

The vlogger was sincerely surprised by the quality of the curls.

The Cheetos gave her perfect little ringlets, except for the part where they smelled like cheese puffs.

We'd say it was totally worth it. Look at those curls!

Turns out, this cheesy snack has multiple purposes.

Meyer said she would actually leave her hair like that for a few days instead of washing it because she liked the look so much, despite the smell.

Seriously, as a curly-haired human being, I'm legitimately jealous of the quality of Meyer's curls. Maybe I should try curling my hair with Cheetos.

I'd probably eat most of them before they made it to my hair, though.

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