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Man Shares Post About Broking His Nose Going Down On GF


We've all heard our fair share of seriously embarrassing sex stories.

Remember when we told you about the guy who accidentally peed inside of his girlfriend after having sex with her for the first time in months?

Well, if that hilarious story almost made you pee your pants from sheer laughter, you'll be glad to know that he's not the only boyfriend who's done some seriously mortifying things in the bedroom.

We recently came across another embarrassing sex story on the “Today, I Fucked Up” section of Reddit that proves love can result in more than just a broken heart.

It can also result in a broken nose.

That's right. A man shared the story of how he broke his nose by going down on his girlfriend, and it's guaranteed to make you cringe.

The man, who goes by the Reddit username "esp803," starts of the post by dishing out some background information about his relationship:

However, like most college dudes, this guy had some serious commitment issues at the time:

After clearing up the fact the he and Blondezilla were, in fact, dating, he talks about their "interesting" relationship.

According to the anonymous boyfriend,

A few months after discovering that his girlfriend suffered from "Onewaysexitis," the anonymous boyfriend endured a karate-related accident while trying to get his second-degree black belt.

He recounted the unfortunate events that unfolded while sparring with another karate student, writing,

However, Tampax was no match for this injury.

According to the anonymous boyfriend, "It was at this time that the judge told me that since I had clearly not looked in the mirror, that I should probably go do that: Flat, Broken nose."

After a trip to the hospital he arrived back at home with "a second-degree black belt and a reset broken nose," not to mention, "a desire to have the sex."

So he did what any horny boyfriend would do and invited Blondezilla over.

Apparently, trying out a new karate move wasn't this guy's only genius idea of the day.

He claims,

That's when everything went to hell in a hand basket.

He recounts the chaos that ensued:

That's right. This dude broke his nose by going down on his girlfriend.

"So there I was, crying in the fetal position on the ground during the sex, blood pouring out of my nose," he recalls.

Apparently, the sight of blood made Blondezilla panic for a brief moment because she thought Aunt Flo had suddenly arrived.

But after she realized that her boyfriend's re-broken nose was the source of the blood, she did what any girlfriend would do and started to laugh uncontrollably.

Luckily, this guy was able to mend both his nose and his relationship with Blondezilla.

You'll be happy to know that these two are still together, despite the fact that he once cried during sex and now has a crooked nose.

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