Guy's Post On Peeing Inside GF During Sex Goes Viral


There's nothing worse than doing something totally mortifying while having sex.

Since you really have no place to go when things take an awkward turn in the bedroom, the best way to deal with those embarrassing moments is to just laugh it off.

If you're looking for something that will make you feel better about your own sex life, you'll be glad to know that we recently came across a post on the "Today, I Fucked Up" section of Reddit that's a real pisser.

No really, I'm not kidding. The post is about a guy who pees inside his girlfriend during sex by accident, and trust me, this cringe-worthy story will make you feel a lot better about the embarrassing things you've done during sex.

The anonymous author of the post, who fittingly goes by the username, "that_guy_who_pissed" starts off by giving us a little background information, writing,

Like every good boyfriend, this guy decided to invite his girlfriend to come along for the ride, however, "she decided that she couldn't go due to commitments to work and her education (she is 22 and about to leave university while i'm 23 and have left already), so I respected her choice and invited my friend along who accepted."

He left in early February and planned to return home six months later in late August.

Spending half of a year away from your significant other can put a serious strain on your relationship, but this guy did his best to make things work while he explored the world.

According to the anonymous traveling boyfriend,

Everything seemed to be going pretty great for this guy, that is, until he finally got home.

After being dropped off at his house, he discovered that his girlfriend was home and ready to make up for lost time.

According to the guy,

But there was just one little problem.

Since he didn't want to ruin the romantic vibes of their long-awaited reunion, he decided it would be best to hold it in until they were done getting down and dirty.

However, this ended up being the "worst decision ever."

He explained the severity of the situation by stating,

Unfortunately, this poor guy wasn't able to hold it together until the end and accidentally peed inside of his girlfriend mid-romp.

He recounted the chaotic, pee-soaked scene that unfolded, writing,

Apparently, this girl must really, really, really love him because she didn't kick him to the curb for giving her an unsolicited golden shower.

However, it turns out that he still has to give her foot messages whenever she wants as penance for the peeing incident.

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