Girl's Birthday Invite Goes Viral With 1.2 Million RSVPing

How many people is too many at a birthday party?

Well... uh, 1.2 million people, to be exact.

Crescencio Ibarra, proud father of 15-year-old Rubi Ibarra Garcia, posted a public Facebook event for Rubi's birthday bash on December 26 and definitely wasn't expecting the response he received.

On the event page — which quickly went viral — he posted a video invitation that grabbed the attention of the masses.

Jaime Duarte on YouTube

According to BBC News, more than 1 million people said they would attend after watching the clip and discovering there'd be local bands, a horse race and food at the event.

PSH, I would jump on top of that too. (Emphasis on the free food.)

In the video, Crescencio is standing with his wife, Anaelda Garcia, and his daughter, who is wearing a glamorous leopard print dress.

He begins by inviting "everybody" to Rubi's 15th birthday bash, and says,

Hello, everybody. We invite you this December 26 to our daughter's 15th birthday party, Rubi Ibarra Garcia.

Something tells me he should've been a little more specific when he addressed the audience.


Apparently, the extremely giving father goes on to explain the local bands that will be performing, along with a horse race that will take place where the winner will get 10,000 pesos ($490).

Yup. It sounds like the freakin' party of the year!

Espero todos estén listos para mis XV #EnLosXVsDeRubí pic.twitter.com/Z9BNrF2wbU — ruby(@rubyig01) December 4, 2016

However, Rubi's dad had only intended to invite their neighbors and friends to the party and was saddened by the fact so many people RSVPed.

In a TV interview, Crescencio talked about how shocked he was at the amount of people who confirmed they're coming to the party on the Facebook event.

He reportedly said,

We wanted to invite the people from the area, that's all. [...] Rubi is my daughter and she has always been our queen.

He also explained on the show that the family will continue with their plans and hold the party in a field outside the village of La Joya in San Luis Potosi.

Apparently, his daughter is "very excited," and I don't blame her at all.

Shit, I'd go to the bash. Who wants to be my date?

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