This Video Of President Obama Singing 'Hotline Bling' Will Give You Life

President Obama is the everyman's president.

He wears dad jeans, giggles uncontrollably at family events and even gives fatherly advice to those who look up to him.

Oh, and he sings Drake songs.

This hilarious video, posted to YouTube by baracksdubs, lines up dozens of POTUS' speeches with the lyrics to Drake's “Hotline Bling.”

The result? A flawless mashup of modern politics and modern music.

Maybe Obama never actually sang “Hotline Bling," or at least, not on film. But thanks to this video, you can perfectly imagine what he'd look like doing it (and yes, it's amazing).

Check out the clip above and check baracksdubs' YouTube channel for more POTUS musical mashups.

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