Four Adorable Kittens Can't Stop Watching A Man Play His Guitar


Four Malaysian kittens enjoyed some light busking on the streets of Pangkor Island recently and, in case you had money riding on it, cats like the exact sort of upbeat tunes you'd expect.

According to the street performer's friend, who shared the video online, the 3-month-old kittens appeared suddenly after the performance began.

Now, here's a little background on these cool cats, from left to right.


She's the shy one. Shelley (full name: Michelley DeBriz-Fey) cannot resist the sound of an acoustic guitar, but pretends to be annoyed when someone whips one out at a party.


She may seem like the smallest of the bunch, but she's also a hardened criminal known for her accuracy with a blow dart. Also, she is the actual Zodiac Killer, but oversees a factory that manufactures those Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer T-shirts.


Ayana HAS to be front row for this kind of thing, but only because she works so hard the rest of the damn time. She's so close to getting her master's in business administration from Columbia University, and she spent all of last summer building birdhouses for displaced birds in her hometown of Pangkor.


She's insane. Don't look her in the eye.

*None of this is certain. I made it all up. It's all probably true though.

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