This Video Finally Explains Where It's OK For New Moms To Breastfeed

Any intelligent person knows that shaming a mother for breastfeeding is a pathetic thing to do. Anyone who shames mothers for nurturing human life is a coward who deserves to be sent to an abandoned island with nothing but a box of saltines. That's just common knowledge.

For idiots who still don't get it, new mom Caryn Canatella made a video about where it's OK to breastfeed -- as in, everywhere on the planet. While the video is funny, it is also so on point when it comes to destigmatizing the very natural process of breastfeeding.

Caryn Canatella and her husband, Brian Canatella, have been vlogging their parenting journey on their YouTube channel since Caryn became pregnant. In an interview with TODAY Parents, she said,

It is incredible the amount of opinions you face for every parenting decision, but how you choose feed your baby seems to suddenly be of interest to everyone you know — even strangers on the street. Being told to cover up when I'm feeding my baby, which has happened on several occasions, is silly and unnecessary.

No kidding, Caryn.

You can watch her jump from location to location with her adorable baby, Cecilia, in the video above.

And when you're done there, you have to check out another video in which her husband takes us on an MTV-style tour of their baby's crib. It's pretty hilarious.

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