This Video Is Literally All Of Us When It Comes To Procrastinating


This video is painfully accurate.

Procrastination is something we all deal with. It's built into our bodies like our human need to seek happiness and the fact we get flustered when Ryan Gosling looks directly at a camera. It's honestly what our DNA was probably built on.

That's all likely because it's just naturally built into the act of not doing anything. You literally have to do nothing to do it. If you want to do work or go exercise you have to go outside and do both. Procrastinating is just doing the opposite of that. In fact, there is a good chance if you're reading this article, you're procrastinating right now.

Why should we feel bad for procrastinating if we all do it? That's like feeling bad for wanting to drink water! EMBRACE YOU'RE IRRESPONSIBLE WAYS! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! WATCH THIS VIDEO, AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT BEING YOUR LAZY SELF!