Veterinarian Expertly Comforts Scared Puppy After Surgery

As a child, I was certain I would grow up to be a veterinarian. There is nothing in the world I love quite as much as I love animals, and I believed helping sick critters was my calling.

This fantasy ended quite abruptly when one of my cats fell ill. Veterinarians, I realized, often have to euthanize terminally ill animals, and that's something I'd never have the emotional strength to do.

So, I quit pursuing my childhood dream, deciding, instead, to forever be a devoted pet owner.

I hadn't thought about my former desire to be a vet until recently, when I saw a heartwarming video from the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland.

The video shows surgical assistant Dennis Moses lovingly comforting a scared puppy named Meesha, who'd just emerged from surgery. Treating the pup like his own baby, Moses wrapped up Meesha in a blanket, held her close and swayed back and forth as if rocking her to sleep.

The short clip will undoubtedly give you a newfound appreciation for veterinarians and the many things they do to keep their "patients" comfortable. Keep this in mind next time you bring Fido in to get his shot -- and give the vet a much-deserved "thank you."

Watch the sweet footage below.

barcs animal shelter on YouTube

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