Vampire Woman Drinks Her Boyfriend's Blood Regularly: 'It's A Form Of High'

by Alexa Mellardo

There was a v. solid amount of time when I wished I could channel Bella Swan from "Twilight." I wanted to have a vampire boyfriend like Edward Cullen IRL.

I read all of the books. I watched all of the movies in the “Twilight” saga. In the end, I was left addicted to and, just like Bella, hopelessly in love with Edward's character.

Something about how mysterious, romantic and deep AF he was had everyone hooked.

When the first "Twilight" movie hit the theaters, people seriously went wild.

The "Twilight" craze was unreal. Fans everywhere were taking on the difficult task of choosing between team Jacob and team Edward.

Sorry Jacob and the wolf pack, but I was passionately on Edward's side since day one and never looked back.

The fad went so far that there was even vampire glitter sold in stores. You could casually sprinkle it on your boyfriend so he would look like a sparkling vampire in the sun. Low-key, I probably would have bought that, but I digress.

In reality, vampires obviously don't actually exist.

Or so we thought…

Meet Georgina Condon. She's a makeup artist and also doubles as a vampire.


Daily Mail Australia reports when Condon was only 12-years-old, she began to have a thirst for, well, blood. She also claims she has stayed out of the sun for the last 20 years of her life.

Now at 39 years old, she drinks her boyfriend's blood and quenches her thirst at least one time each week.


Condon has a blood disorder known as thalassemia. Due to her anemia and inadequacy of iron, she needs the blood to get by.

When comparing the feeling you get from drinking blood to sex, Condon revealed,

I would put them on par. It is mainly arousal and joy. There is a reason that most vampire shows combine the two. It is a form of high that can't be exactly described.

Condon's boyfriend apparently lets her drink his blood straight from the source — through a wound.

She said,

It is not daily as that would be far too much a burden on his body, leading to way too many wounds. I try on a weekly basis but it is hard on him and we don't have a set time such as "dinner time" that would be strange.

And as far as the other part of vampirism is concerned, Condon deals with solar dermatitis, which keeps her from going out into the sun.

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