Uber Eats Driver Has The Saltiest Response To Customer Who Asks Where He Is

With apps like Seamless and Uber Eats, ordering food delivery is easier than ever. However, a super easy order-placing process doesn't guarantee that whoever delivers the food will be in a breezy mood.

Twitter user Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko proved with one tweet about Uber Eats.

Alisha, a 20-year-old D.C. native, was visiting her relative on Monday, July 17, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland when she ordered food — two burgers and a side of fries — from a local burger joint called BOZ's Burger Bistro via Uber Eats.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Alisha said she then completely forgot about her Uber Eats order. Later on, she missed a call from an unknown number, and eventually decided to text it back.

That's when her now-viral exchange occurred with a rather salty Uber Eats driver.

"Who is this?" she texted the unknown number, still completely forgetting about her food until the driver texted back a simple message notifying her that it had arrived.

When she asked if he was at the main entrance of the massive hospital, he decided to crank up the sass.

"No I'm on top of the building I just landed my helicopter," he wrote before clarifying that he was, indeed, at the main entrance.

Like, hungry people don't need this level of attitude.

Alisha called the delivery guy "a smart ass" in her tweet and told Buzzfeed News that he defended himself when they met IRL at the main entrance. She said,

He goes, 'You saw what I said, I was just messing around… I come here all the time and I always come into the main entrance.'

Meanwhile, the rest of Twitter is loving it.

Uber was initially concerned and asked Alisha to reach out with her order information, but once they realized how much the situation was making the internet LOL, they decided to join in on the fun.

"We don't deliver by helicopter, but we have some friends who can make this happen," Uber Eats quipped in a Twitter reply to Alisha using the hashtag #UberChopper.

And just like that, I'm so, so intrigued about the future of food delivery.