12 Confessions All True Introverts Will Relate To But Never Admit

It's not always easy being an introvert. It's not always hard either, but it can be when you have to do things that, you know, involve other people.

But in a surprisingly extroverted move, the introverts of the internet took to Twitter on Sunday to share all of their thoughts and fears, using the hashtag, #ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert.

If you've ever felt like an introvert, you're going to want to check out some of these tweets. There's just something that's always comforting about realizing you're not alone.

Check out some of the best tweets below; they really get to the heart of what it feels like to be an introvert.

This is me in every situation that requires planning, ever.

You would be lying to me and yourself if you say you've never played this card before.

This is pretty much me after every day of work.

Every party, every time.

I love you bros, even though I'll die before I tell you.

Peace out.

FOMO is especially real for introverts.

Hello, anybody who is physically attractive.

When you try being confident and talk to someone and then you end up rambling and saying something stupid #confessionsofanintrovert — Sassy Princess (@MissChloelila1) August 21, 2016

Come on, teachers!

I'd love to talk, but I can't because I'm dreadfully boring.

I ain't got nothing to say to you, extended family.

It's really not that bad after all.

Some people think introverts are great to settle down with, though they can be difficult to win over and can act differently in relationships than you might expect. What do you think about living as or dating an introvert?