8 Things Your Introverted Partner Wishes You Knew About The Relationship

by Latoya Hoyte
Marija Savic

I happen to be a true believer that opposites not only attract, but that they also serve as your best option when you're seeking a partner.

Why? Because these people offer a slightly different approach to just about everything. Believe it or not, odd couples are more likely to succeed because they thrive on completely different energies (ie, you know he loves wine, and he knows you love cheese).

A classic example of odd couples are the outgoing souls who are paired with delicate introverts. So, what exactly is an introvert?

According to Merriam-Webster, introverts are often shy or quiet souls who find it hard to express their feelings to others. Furthermore, they tend to keep every emotion inside. This makes any form of companionship with them extremely difficult.

Dating an introverted person comes with its own share of joys and frustrations because these people choose not to voice or show any emotion, regardless of the occasion. They literally shut down.

This vow of unusual silence can leave you feeling confused and unloved, especially if you crave feedback and value this person's opinion.

At the end of the day, we have no control over who we fall in love with. We can only accept these people for who they are, and hope that they do the same for us.

Believe it or not, your quiet lover has the potential to be your happy ending. So, if you're dating an introvert, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. An introvert is the master of hidden emotion.

While you laugh out loud, your introvert laughs on the inside. The same goes for anger, joy and just about every other emotion.

Your introvert would rather send you an emoji than an actual selfie with the duck face.

2. An introvert will open up eventually.

But you have to earn it. He or she desires to be loved and accepted, without any strings or stipulations attached. If you take the time to learn about the black and white movies or documentaries that bring your introvert joy, he or she will definitely warm up to a night out at your favorite amusement park.

Who knows? He or she may even surprise you and go on a ride.

3. Be prepared for total devotion.

He or she is completely faithful. As far your introvert is concerned, it's all about you. No one else matters.

A true introvert will encounter a text from the ex and block him or her immediately. He or she literally has no desire to connect with any blasts from the past – or anyone else, for that matter – because he or she is too busy getting to know you.

4. PDA is a no.

Your lover has absolutely no desire to be a topic of conversation. Kissing your introvert in public draws all kinds of attention, especially if you're dining out with a group of your friends.

5. He or she will aim to please.

Maybe it's the dark room, or maybe it's the locked door. But your significant other will come alive in private.

You may even question if this is the same person who walks around the house all day in silence.

6. It's not your love that keeps him or her alive.

A partner is considered a bonus. Introverts often place a need for companionship at the very end of their list.

In other words, love, affection and intimacy will not make or break them. In fact, they will be just as happy spending the rest of their lives alone, instead placing their energy toward a career or hobby.

7. If you feel slighted or ignored, be sure to tell your significant other.

It should come as no surprise that he or she appears to be happy and lost in his or her own little world. If you ever feel as though you're talking to a wall during a simple conversation or argument, take a minute to remind your introvert that you're not in this relationship alone.

You would greatly appreciate more feedback, as opposed to one-word answers.

Speaking of one-word answers, if this person finds it hard to face you, ask for an email, text message or note. Make it crystal clear that no matter which way he or she chooses, you guys need to talk things through.

8. Keep in mind that he or she is dating you too.

This may come as a shock, but you're not the only one who has to make adjustments, changes or tolerate annoying habits and personality defects in order to keep your relationship afloat.

Your mission is to achieve a level of co-existence without having either one of you feel alienated. For example, while you enjoy a plate of pasta with extra cheese, your lactose intolerant partner may sit at the other end of the table and feel as though you're torturing him or her on purpose.

As the more outgoing individual, it is your mission to level out the playing field. Make it clear you're not out to get him or her.