Why You Should Go After An Introvert If You're Dating To Settle Down

by Zoya Gervis

Introverts have been getting some extra attention in the media lately. Usually, we're pegged as anti-social weirdos, but we are not aliens, not even close. We are so not antisocial. We aren't necessarily shy, or in any way unapproachable.

But when it comes to dating, it seems that we, introverts, are overlooked. It's the extroverts that get most of the attention because they are more, well, extroverted.

But here are a few reasons you should pay attention to the quietest person at the party next time, and try going out with an introvert:

1. We are amazing listeners

When someone else is talking, we listen -- like truly, deeply listen. We prefer to only speak when we feel we can add substance to the conversation. We will never interrupt you. We will begin to care about things you care about. Sports? We will cheer on your favorite team, while learning all about how to play the game.

2. We hate small talk

You will never have to worry about having to make small talk with us. We hate it. You see, our energy is extremely limited. And the last thing we want to do is waste it on something that is meaningless to us.

Instead, we love deep conversations. It feels more sincere to us. This is how we form our bonds: either with one-on-one conversations, or via personal conversations that are deep and meaningful. Superficial communication always just feels like some type of cruel and usual punishment.

3. We will notice all your subtleties

All those details about you that no one seems to notice, like the weird way you sleep, never fails to intrigue us. Remember the vintage t-shirt you saw in the store window that you couldn't stop talking about? We will for sure remember that when your birthday rolls around. We are quite sentimental in that way.

4. We give you your space

Because we need our space, too. Weekends spent in, leaving parties early, it's how we roll. But that doesn't mean we need you to do those things with us. In fact, we prefer to spend a night in alone, even without a significant other.

So if you want to have a boys night out, by all means, go. We will never stop you from spending time with your friends. As long as you don't constantly ask us to come along, that is, because then we feel bad for not wanting to go. We already spend plenty of time thinking that we are disappointing others around us.

5. We will never keep you on the phone for hours

We hate talking on the phone. It gives us anxiety and quite frankly, stresses us out. Luckily, our generation has become accustomed to texting. We much prefer texting to actually talking on the phone. And we won't text you all day long either. Even via text, we hate small talk.

So, if you send us a text asking us how our day is, we probably won't respond for a while, since we don't even know what to say. We don't think the conversation is even worthy of being called a conversation. Therefore, we won't be blowing up your phone, well, ever.

Introverts are known for being loyal, supportive and overall uplifting partners, who will always listen and want only the best for you. However, if seeking validation every second is your thing, then an introvert is probably not the best partner for you. But, if you are totally down for having some mega deep, meaningful conversations and giving one another the space you both require, then a healthy, loving and stable relationship is totally possible.

An introverted partner is likely to be the partner you have been looking for.