Guy Pretends Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts Are A Thing, Twitter Loses It


It is officially Halloweekend. Everyone has candy on the brain... or at least inside their desk at work.

It's also prime time for health nuts to post "alternatives" to candy to avoid consuming so much sugar and processed crap.

This guy on Twitter, Mark Sparrow, definitely has, um, creative ideas when it comes to healthy alternatives to the classic Halloween treats.

This week, he posted a photo of Brussels sprouts covered in chocolate.

From the outside, they definitely could pass for Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

I mean, close enough, right?

Now, I personally hate this vegetable and the idea of it being covered in chocolate sounds disgusting, but it was quite obviously a joke.

I mean, who would actually do that?

This is not something we have to worry about knocking until we've tried it. I think we all can agree this would be straight up nasty.

Luckily, the guy who originally posted this photo to Twitter knows this.

But because it's Twitter, everyone overreacted.

People experienced strong emotions over these chocolate covered Brussels sprouts.

It actually escalated very quickly.

Poor guy. He was just trying to make a fun Halloween joke.

OK, I will admit he got me too.

When I showed this to my editor, my first reaction was "ew." Because we live in a world where people do crazy shit on a daily basis and are completely serious.

I mean, avocado buns are a thing. Chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts could totally become Whole Foods' next trendy item.

Let's not forget that time people actually bought asparagus submerged in water.

This guy gets it.

People replied with other ridiculous treats, like these caramel onions. Gross.

What does this mean? It just confirms we can't even make innocent food jokes anymore.

And with this idea floating around the internet, maybe it's a good idea to stay away from Ferrero Rocher chocolates this Halloween. Just in case.

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