This New Avocado Bun Will Help You Ditch Bread For Good


From indulging in savory avocado toast to satisfying your sweet tooth with an avocado smoothie bowl, it's safe to say the avo fad has completely taken over the world as we know it.

And I'm totally OK with that.

This new avocado bun is certainly no exception to the craze.

Behold the genius creation that will take everyone's obsession with this beloved green fruit to a whole new level…

Hold up — is this real life rn?

Just look at it… There's too much deliciousness up in here to HANDLE.

Fooddecco's Instagram is chock full of scrumptious delights that look like works of art.

Goat cheese-stuffed avocado "truffle," anyone?

You won't be able to resist this pita pizza, complete with a heart-shaped avocado.

Cool off with a refreshing coconut and avocado pop…

Or enjoy an innovative twist on deviled eggs.

Gear up for a sandwich like no other…

And lose your heart to this avocado, stuffed with a divine chocolate paste.

And there you have it… avocado food porn at its finest. BRB, going to make an avocado bun now.

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