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16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up How Miserable You Are Without Caffeine

Decaf coffee is bullsh*t.

Honestly, what's the point? Coffee doesn't taste that great to begin with, and decaf is just coffee without everything that makes coffee useful. It's like buying a hoverboard without a lithium-ion battery. When you drink coffee without caffeine, all you're doing is standing on a sideways skateboard without an engine and looking like an IDIOT doing it.

BUT, DON'T WORRY! It'll still give you diarrhea, just like regular coffee. So, there's that.

Plus, and this is what's truly terrible about decaf, it looks the same as coffee and tastes similar. Your ability to be a functioning member of society gets CATFISHED by some half-assed stupid bean every time you scarf down a cup of decaf, and it's about time we as a society stood up to this exhausting and unnecessary part of life.

#IAccidentallyDrankDecaf is trending today, and it couldn't be more accurate if it tried. Not that it would try. It can't. It's tired. It had decaf today.

1. Decaf coffee hates gun control.

2. Decaf coffee will make you almost sleep with your mom.

3. Decaf coffee turns you into a child.

4. Decaf coffee forces you to think out of the box in the office.

5. Decaf coffee doesn't give a crap about your food.

6. Decaf coffee forces you to write a resume and cover letter.

7. Decaf coffee forces you to become jumpy.

8. Decaf coffee is guilty.

9. Decaf coffee is a Democrat.

10. Decaf coffee is speechless.

11. Decaf coffee smells mics.

12. Decaf coffee is trapped.

13. Decaf coffee is collecting unemployment.

14. Decaf coffee just wants to be left alone.

15. Decaf coffee is out of shape.

16. Decaf coffee is ice cold.