12 Tweets That Prove We're All Seriously Obsessed With Food

Hey, what's this fun new hashtag trending on Twitter?

My feed is filled with #AfterBreakfastIUsually. Huh, that sounds like a cool insight into the lives of other people. Let me just check that out... Oh. OK, so everyone just keeps eating. Cool.

But seriously folks, y'all are obsessed with food. I thought the #AfterBreakfastIUsually conversation might be a little more varied, but nope. It turns out you guys just keep eating more food after breakfast.

Well, more power to you. Food is pretty great, but maybe ease up a little bit on the chowing down. This is a lot.

1. Here's a guy who is gonna eat more food after breakfast.

2. Yep, she's eating more breakfast, too.

3. If Merry and Pippin from "The Lord of the Rings" do it, why not?

4. Mooooooore breakfaaaaaaast!

5. Hey, here's somebody who's going to eat food after breakfast.

6. This woman might not be eating again right away, but she's definitely thinking about it.

7. Screw the wait. She's skipping straight to lunchtime.

8. Et tu, Publix?

#AfterBreakfastIUsually Start daydreaming about what I'm going to have for lunch. ^CH pic.twitter.com/On5suv40eY — Publix (@Publix) March 10, 2016

9. I'm starting to get a little worried about you guys.

#AfterBreakfastIUsually search for more food. — Sagarika ツ (@Swaggericca) March 10, 2016

10. Maybe we should all just cool it on the breakfast foods, OK?

11. Seriously, guys, there's more to life than food!

12. Ugh, who am I kidding? Food is the best. Breakfast for days!

Happy eating, everyone!