Jessica DeVader

Boy's 'Donald Trump's Hair' Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Political costumes are, more often than not, pedantic and forced. Call me a purest, but I think people should dress up either as something terrifying or exceptionally stupid and leave "timely content" at the door.

But I will make one exception.

Ten-year-old Gage DeVader nailed this Halloween costume of Donald Trump's most significant physical attribute: his hair.

The costume was actually designed by the boy's mother, Jessica DeVader, from Wichita, Kansas.

Here it is:

Jessica DeVader

Oddly enough, this is actually perfectly to scale with the genuine article.

This is what it looks like from the back, since you asked.

Jessica DeVader

Jessica told BuzzFeed she made the costume by taking an umbrella and gluing grass skirts to it. The orange shirt her son is wearing is meant to represent Trump's signature carrot's pallor.

It's an extremely versatile costume. In fact, in case of rain, it can also be used as a makeshift shelter.

Jessica DeVader

Although that is not how the costume is intended to be used, as the man it's based off would never allow anyone to take shelter under property he owned without being paid handsomely for it.

Donald Trump's favorite story from the Bible is the Nativity Story, but only the first part, where the poor get turned away from the inn by a shrewd business man.

Jessica and her son, Gage, have been killing the costume game for years. Here is her "Sharknado" creation.

Jessica DeVader

Followed by this particularly impressive — and kind of terrifying — ZOLTAR costume.

Jessica DeVader

Being a parent sounds fun! You get to dress up your children in elaborate outfits.

Maybe I should have a baby and dress it up like Grumpy Cat every day until it graduates from college and goes to therapy to unravel its complex hang-ups when it comes to obsessive cleaning, inability to express emotions other than placid anger and an extreme fear of water!

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