The 'Trump Book Report' Hashtag Is Throwing Major Shade At Betsy DeVos

by Robert Anthony

Unless you spent your Tuesday under a rock, you're well aware of the fact Amway heiress and businesswoman Betsy DeVos was officially confirmed and sworn in to serve as the nation's secretary of education.

Was she confirmed because her family donated large sums of money to 23 Republican senators who coincidentally all voted for her with one exception? Who knows?

The official decision came after Vice President Mike Pence voted to break the 50-50 tie in favor of DeVos during her confirmation.

DeVos' appointment to lead the nation's education department sent shockwaves throughout the country.

After several hearings prior to her confirmation regarding her appointment by President Donald Trump, many Americans believe DeVos is severely unqualified, inexperienced and unfit to take on the task at hand.

If you've watched any of her confirmation hearings with Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine or Al Franken, you might agree.

After all, she is now in charge of approximately 4,400 employees and a whopping annual budget of $68 billion. It'd be nice if Americans felt they could trust her with the foundational education of our youth... But nope!

Thanks to social media, though, people are finding fun, creative ways to express how they really feel about DeVos' deep-rooted involvement in one of the most important US government departments.

Perhaps we'd have to imagine what book reports would look like in "Trump's America." Do you have any accurate predictions in mind? The internet does!

Twitter was on fire after the hilarious #TrumpBookReport hashtag began trending and taking aim at Trump and Betsy DeVos.

Is this what you can expect quality book reports to look like now that Betsy DeVos is secretary of education?

Time will tell!

DeVos aside, this might just be how Trump reviews books.

Does Trump even read?!

Apparently, some peeps don't think so.

Of course, in order to be legit, he'd have to offend a large group of people.

What kind of review would Hitler's "Mein Kampf" get?

My biggest fear with DeVos in power is she might just allow kids to turn in 140-character book reports...

Let's hope (and pray) not.

Godspeed, America!