Sexy Trainer Swears By Drinking Sperm Smoothies To Maintain Her Flawless Bod

by Adam Silvers

In today's fitness-obsessed world, it feels like we're always looking for new, alternative sources of protein.

Well, a sexy 29-year-old personal trainer may have just discovered the most unique and beneficial product yet.

Apparently, personal trainer/author/journalist/model/blogger/TV personality/social influencer Tracy Kiss says the key to her flawless body is her daily "sperm smoothie."


Yup, you read that correctly.

This fitness guru attributes her physical well-being -- from the inside out -- to drinking a sperm smoothie every damn day, and after taking a quick look at her Instagram account, it's hard to argue with her claims.

Kiss is reportedly a vegan and a certified nutrition adviser, so you may want to take her semen praise pretty seriously.

Apparently, Tracy Kiss takes her daily dose of sperm by mixing it with seeds, fruit and almond or coconut milk, though she is reportedly happy to drink the semen neat.


The 29-year-old claims drinking sperm wards off illnesses like the flu, gives her tons of energy and keeps her very, very happy.


Speaking on her sperm smoothie obsession, Kiss reportedly said,

Sperm is an awesome product and we should stop being so ridiculous about it. I'm not there while it's being made. My friend just brings it round in a container, like a little takeaway tub, and I put it on my face. There's nothing seedy about it.

Kiss also confronted the stigma that exists with the notion of drinking sperm for health benefits, saying,

I've tasted my own bodily fluids. In sexual terms, some people put their tongue up someone's bum. In relationships, you put fingers in holes, you taste things, and you don't see it as cringeworthy. But when you take away the passion and say it's scientific, people don't like it.

In addition to drinking her daily sperm smoothie, Tracy Kiss reportedly advocates for the use of semen face masks in order to hydrate the skin and fight conditions like rosacea.


For those of you who might be a little skittish about putting sperm on your face, you can apparently get similar benefits by using egg yolks.

Tracy Kiss, though? She's probably sticking with her current choice of treatment.

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