This Pic Of A Boy Holding His Newborn Siblings Went Viral For The Best Reason


When my younger sister was born, I wrote a song that went a little something like this:

I wish I had a brother, but I don't. I wish I had a sister 'cause that's what I wanted and that's what I care.

To this day, my family will break out into this song whenever they get the chance. However, not all 3-year-olds are songwriting prodigies like I was, so they have to resort to doing genuine, adorable things to gain the affection of their new siblings.

Recently, a photo of a little boy from Sweden welcoming his new twin siblings into the world in the sweetest way went viral.

The photo was originally posted on the Forældre og Fødsel Facebook page and was then translated and reposted by NINO Birth.

This precious pic captures a father and son practicing skin-to-skin contact with the newest members of their family.

Holding a newborn baby to your skin is important because it comes with a bunch of baby benefits, ranging from regulating the baby's heart rate, body temperature and breathing to soothing the child and creating parental bonds.

Someone get this lil' toddler chicken nugget a "Best Big Brother" T-shirt ASAP.