Guy Turns His Tinder Exchange Into A Spy Thriller And It's Comedy Gold

by Hope Schreiber
Bro Bible

The year is 2017, and more than a third of new marriages are a result of online dating sites and apps.

That's wild, right? You remember giving your friends the side-eye when they told you they met a guy on Hot Or Not or a girl in an AIM chat room?

We were convinced they were predators or catfishers.

But despite how common online dating is, you still have to be on your toes.

Personally, my go-to before I meet anyone in person after I meet them online is to ask, "Hey! LOL random I know, but are you a murderer? If not, are you wanted for any reason? I know, lmfao, I am ~so random~."

Dating on Tinder is very hit or miss.

Sometimes, you'll be hit with a person who wants to meet you right away (one girl I went on a date with took me to a gay bar and proceeded to hit on another girl right in front of me. This is fine if you find another person attractive, but at least get me an Uber home, right?).

Or you end up talking for months and never meeting (cold feet!).

But maybe you find out your date is actually on the lam. It happens, right?

Bro Bible

OK, I'm listening. You've never swiped right before? Therefore, I am special.

Negative? The pictures aren't of this person... Also, they've been hiding from the cops since 2009, but no one is perfect, right?

Bro Bible

Chrissy, this is your moment to hit block and hightail it out of there.

But love is a strange thing...

Bro Bible

Chrissy, I already have a red flag if a gent asks me if I can cook. I suggest you run the other way if he asks if you can hide him from local law officials AND cook.

Stay focused, Chrissy. You're here for love or at least a hookup, not to be roped into some crime ring.

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Just like how every blind date meets up, you will have signals.

Bro Bible

But there isn't usually a codename.

Bro Bible


Bro Bible

TBH, I wouldn't know what to pack, food-wise, if I was on the run. I don't even have a lactose intolerance...

To clarify...

Bro Bible
Bro Bible


TBH... Brookfield (which is not her real name) stuck around longer than I would have...

Does Brookfield have the chops to pull this off? Only time will tell...

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