Tinder Crashed So You'll Have To Find Another Way To Netflix And Chill

by Hope Schreiber

Where were you when love died?

For me, it was probably in sixth grade... My first boyfriend ever said he was going to put me on hold, but instead he put me on "mute" just to see what happened.

At that moment, I turned up the volume of "Dragon Ball Z," let out the biggest sigh of my young life and said, "Ugh, when is he gonna hang up?"

We dated for two weeks before he had his best friend break up with me for him. I knew... God, did I know. I knew then... love is dead.

But for the rest of humanity, love died probably on Thursday night -- when Tinder went down.

I mean, who needs a significant other when Tinder goes down on you like this?

People were not shy about voicing their disappointments on Twitter. Love is hard, we get it...

I hope they are not that distressed.

Love is dead.

 What is meant to be will find a way...


Honey, I'm no expert but... there are always smoke signals!


You can never give up on love, Ellen!

Same, Barrett, but the only thing that crashes and burns are my parents' dream of becoming grandparents...

God said Adam and Eve not Tinder and Achieve (likes on... Tinder).

We are rooting for you, Jenna.

Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: "It might have been."

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