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3-Legged Pitbull Hailed A Hero After Stopping An Armed Robbery

This dog may be the Liam Neeson of pitbulls. Three-legged Wisconsin pitbull Levi stopped an armed intruder in his owner's home by barking and scaring the sh*t out of him.

After ordering Levi's owner, Darcy Cherry, and her boyfriend to get down on the ground, the masked robber demanded money. Levi wouldn't budge, and the intruder fired a shot at him before fleeing the scene.

The bullet grazed poor Levi's head before becoming lodged in his shoulder. Thankfully, vets say he should make a full recovery.

At 15 years old, Levi has a long history of badassery. He lost a leg after falling off a path while leading the way on a family hike. Cherry says Levi prevented her son from falling off the edge himself.

What's even crazier, Levi survived a dognapping just two years ago.

Forget Liam Neeson. Next time your daughter gets kidnapped, Levi is the one to call.

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