People Are Having Condoms Explode On Their Heads In This New Challenge

The Internet loves a challenge like a fat kid loves cake.

From the cinnamon challenge to the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Diet Coke and Mentos challenge to the fire challenge, you name it, and the people of the Internet have likely challenged you to do it.

And now, you can add the #C0ndomChallenge to the list of Internet conquests.

Not to be confused with the condom challenge in 2013, where people literally snorted condoms up their nostrils, the 2015 condom challenge involves filling a condom with water and dropping it on your friend's head.

It may seem kind of silly, but the message behind it is actually kind of strong: People want to prove condoms are ridiculously durable and won't pop even after they're filled with a gallon of water and dropped on your most adventurous friend's head in a bathtub, Medical Daily reports.

Oh, and also, the videos are hilarious. Check out a few we found on Twitter below.

So there you have it. This is now a thing. Go forth and take the #CondomChallenge this Thanksgiving weekend.

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