TGI Friday's Interviewer Asks Teen Boy Creepy Sexual Questions During Job Interview

by Candice Jalili

An 18-year-old boy applying for a job at TGI Friday's in Derby, England, was asked extremely inappropriate questions during his in-person interview.

According to the teen, who wishes to remain anonymous, what was supposed to be a professional job interview for a part-time weekend job turned into a super inappropriate round of Would You Rather?

The first question the interview asked was a disgusting, sexual one: "Would you rather watch your parents have sex for a year or join in just for the start?"

According to, the boy admitted, "I was absolutely gob-smacked."

Next, the boy was asked something a little less sexual and a little more profane and graphic: "Would you rather shit a brick or cry glass?"

Apparently, he didn't even get a chance to answer that question before the interviewer asked, "Would you rather eat chocolate flavored shit or shit flavored chocolate."

At this point, the boy rightfully decided to get up and walk out.

He explained, "He [the interviewer] seemed to think I would find it funny and join in. I thought it was disgusting, sick and pathetic. I left the interview at that point."

This came as a huge disappointment to the boy, as he was actually looking forward to the chance to work at the restaurant.


He already had a "successful phone interview" and was eager for the in-person interview, which he was told would be "a quick and open interview in the restaurant."

He said, "I was quite excited but also a little nervous. It was a company I had heard good things about and I thought this job would suit me."

In response to the allegations, TGI Friday's has suspended the interviewer who conducted this inappropriate round of questions with the teenager.

The popular restaurant chain gave a statement to MailOnline regarding the incident:

Fridays offers an industry-leading recruitment process, and this incident fell severely below our high standards. The questions posed during the interview with the candidate are absolutely not part of TGI Friday's interview process and we were very disappointed to learn of this incident. Immediate action was taken, with the person involved suspended. We have apologized to the candidate for the experience and offered them the opportunity to re-interview with us, which we hope they will take up.

If anything, we should look to this teenage boy as a role model. He knew what was happening to him was unjust, and he found the courage, not only to get up and walk out but also to speak up.

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