Naked Dog Walker Appears In Teen's Senior Photo Shoot

You whipper snappers have very fancy senior portraits nowadays.

Why, when I was your age, they dressed us in a black tarp, handed us a rose and we looked over our shoulders so we could show off our ill-advised, just-turned-18 shoulder tattoo of a rose or "grandma" in fancy font.

Now the Internet has me believing that everyone has a beautiful photo shoot for their senior year instead. While some jokingly take them at Taco Bell, others take it more seriously.

Such is the case of senior Jillian Henry. She just wanted some beautiful shots of herself, looking youthful in the lake near her home. Maybe a little wistful look off into the distance...

Oh, no. There's a random dude walking his dog. They're both naked.


Apparently, this isn't a weird occurrence to Jillian, as she laughs it all off. She also responded to a tweet saying that this type of thing just happens in Eugene, Oregon.


Slow clap for the naked man and naked dog who give zero fucks. You are the real American hero, we guess...  Quick question though, who walks their dog naked into a lake?

love my senior pics — jillian henry (@jill_henn) August 28, 2016

Congratulations on your senior year, Jillian!

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