Teen’s Adorable Apology Gift For GF’s Mom Proves Chivalry Is Not Dead

by Harley Tamplin

At the risk of sounding like your grandad when he gets into one of those rants, chivalry ain't what it used to be.

I mean, come on guys — it's not hard to open a door for your girl or occasionally bring her a surprise Chipotle. (Dating hack: girls LOVE burritos.)

But, though it can be a little hard to find these days, chivalry isn't dead — there are still genuinely good guys out there who treat their ladies right.

One of them is 17-year-old Marc Duran, who has made girls everywhere swoon with a cute gift he bought for his girlfriend's mom.


You see, Marc landed himself in hot water with Margaret Zapata's mom when he brought his GF home late.

So Marc, being the absolute gentleman that he is, bought Margaret's mom her favorite ice cream (chocolate chunk, a good choice) and some flowers.

Not content with raising the boyfriend bar to levels that the rest of us can only dream of, Marc left a handwritten note that read,

Pardon por traer Margaret tan noche no pasara otra vez.

That translates as, “Sorry for bringing Margaret back so late, it won't happen again.”

Well played, Marc, and kudos for knowing that the key to your girl's heart is getting her mom to love you too.

Margaret, also 17, tweeted about the gift, and either her caps lock button is broken or she was extremely excited.

She told BuzzFeed,

My mom did forgive him, she thought it was cute and caring. She thought it was super sweet, she smiled so much. He's the first boy my entire family has met and everyone loves him. He's truly a gem.

I just hope Marc realizes he's got to up his gift game again for Valentine's Day.

Good luck to you, bro — you may have set the bar too high.

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