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This Teen Did The Cutest Thing So He Could Take His Girlfriend On A Date

Teenage boys aren't all bad. In fact, some of them are actually chivalrous, adorable angels -- apparently.

Cody is a 14-year-old kid from California. Like a true 14-year-old baller, Cody has a girlfriend. But, also like a true 14-year-old baller, Cody doesn't have a lot of money.

How's a fella supposed to take his girl on a nice lunch date without any cash?

According to Ryan Cox, a resident of Oakdale, California, the teen came to Cox's house last weekend looking to mow the lawn in exchange for some compensation. Why? So Cody could buy his girlfriend food and flowers!

Ryan posted a picture on his Facebook on Sunday.


In the post, Ryan wrote,

This 14 year old boy came by the house with a lawnmower wanting to mow our lawn for $5. being a hustler I had to ask this kid why you mowing lawns? He replied with... 'I'd like to take my girlfriend to lunch tomorrow and I don't have enough money.' So we've been going door to door getting him business and he busted his ass mowing lawns and sweeping sidewalks and made enough to take her to lunch and get her flowers. I'm so happy this still exists... Hope is still alive for the future generation and our sons and daughters. I'm impressed by whoever is raising this boy, great job!!! Thanks to you guys that also noticed and pitched in on the cause to building our future men!


Ryan's Facebook post is blowing up, restoring everyone's faith in humanity one share at a time.

After the overwhelming response to the photo, Ryan also shared a pic of Cody and his girlfriend. It looks like they got that date after all!


Ryan wrote,

I'd like to make myself very clear right now. I shared the story of Cody mowing lawns to take his girlfriend on a lunch date for one reason only, I thought that was a sweet thing to do for her. I had no intentions or any idea of it going viral. I didn't do it for likes or shares. He had no idea I even posted it. Remember he is a kid, he isn't perfect and has made mistakes. This was a perfect example of someone, let alone a young troubled teen to do the right thing for the right reasons. I gain absolutely NOTHING from this story except for the fact I might of made a difference, and now he knows what it's like to work hard for someone that actually appreciates it. Good job Cody, keep up the good work kid!

Cody, you da man.

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