Teen Posts Heartbreaking Ad Looking For Friends After Battling Cancer For Years


Dealing with a serious illness can often leave you feeling lonely and isolated from the outside world.

A teenage cancer survivor, Jordan Kosovich, recently penned a heartbreaking ad looking for friends after his illness caused him to missed out on making friends throughout his childhood.


Kosovich, who is now 19 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7.

The teen, who hails from Perth, Australia, spent the majority of his childhood going in and out of hospitals to receive cancer treatments.

Since Kosovich was often too ill to go to school, he was robbed of his youth and never really had a chance to develop a network of friends like most school-age children.

So the teen decided to post a heartbreaking ad looking for friends on Gumtree, a popular classified ads website in the UK.


After giving a brief introduction, Kosovich writes,

I couldn't be more proud that I survived it, but in all honesty the day I found out I had cancer my childhood stopped in its tracks and it never recovered. Which meant I missed out on a great deal of social time, which made it really challenging for me during primary school because I missed 2 years as I was too sick to go.

In the tear-jerking ad, Kosovich reveals that despite multiple attempts to establish a social life, he hasn't had much luck with making new friends.


Kosovich says he needed a new strategy for making friends, so he decided to give Gumtree a try.


Kosovich spoke to MailOnline Australia about the strain his illness has put on his social life.

The teen said he had trouble fitting in at school as a result of being overweight from chemotherapy drugs and was often a target for bullies.

According to Kosovich,

It's the worst thing to have happen to you because the drugs they give you are so strong you lose all your hair, and you get really overweight because one of them makes you eat a lot.

He said,

I was too weak to defend myself, being overweight due to the cancer, plus I was a really shy, quiet kid which made me the perfect target.

Kosovich recounted his awful experience with high school, telling MailOnline Australia,

It was hell the whole five years, no one could pay me enough money to get me to go back into those situations, just horrible altogether. I went to a different school from Year 11 but it started again once people found out I had no friends. No one ever gave me a chance.

Kosovich also revealed why he posted the Gumtree ad, saying,

I thought posting an ad was a crazy thing to do, but I was really struggling and just thought to try something different.

To Kosovich's surprise, his attempt to solicit a few new buddies via Gumtree actually turned out to be pretty successful.

Kosovich friend-seeking ad has since received nearly 5,000 views and tons of people have been sending the teen messages on Facebook to show their support.

It looks like this teenage cancer survivor is going to have a new crew of friends to hang out with in no time.

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