This T-Rex Absolutely Destroyed His 'Chorus Line' Audition

Being a predatory dinosaur is hard work. It's all hunting, terrorizing, attacking — there's barely any room for fun.

This is unfortunate, because as “The Shining” taught us, all work and no play can lead to some pretty devastating outcomes.

Thankfully, this fancy-footed T-Rex figured out how to let loose on the DL: by dancing his tail off.

The dance-minded dino (and possible disgrace to predators everywhere) recently showed off his fabulous footwork by performing the opening number of “A Chorus Line” alongside several human dancers.

Despite his abnormally short arms and distinctly un-dancer-like bulky bod, this oversized lizard nailed the routine, proving a little love and dedication is all you need to succeed.

Sure, he may get shunned from the dino community for his illicit moves, but hey -- no one ever said anything negative about all play and no work, now did they?

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