Syrian Refugee Children Enjoy Snow For The First Time, And It's Inspiring (Video)

You might be lamenting the impending snowstorm — I know I am — but for these Syrian children, snow is the coolest thing ever.

Ontario Provincial policeman David McNab recently filmed a heartwarming video of three Syrian children playing in snow for the first time. The children, who are all siblings, recently fled the violence in Syria to settle down in Peterborough, Ontario, with their mother. McNab is one of several residents helping the refugees adjust to their new lives.

In the video, the joyful kids, ages 13, 10 and nine, can be seen laughing as they sled down local Armour Hill.

McNab explains,

Tobogganing is a rite of passage in Canada. In Canada, we grow up on snow, so I was wondering how they would react to it, and sure enough, it was every bit as exciting as I hoped it would be.

The residents of Peterborough — specifically, those involved in the aid group Salaam Peterborough — hope to welcome up to 100 refugee families to their small town. By the looks of it, their efforts are paying off.

See the heartwarming video below and read more here.

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