Amazing Surgeon Comforts A Little Girl Right Before Her Heart Surgery (Photos)

Heart surgery is scary as hell and, for a 2-year-old girl in Zhejiang, China, the moment the terror of the experience really struck was right before her own procedure.

Deputy Director of Cardiac Surgery Shi Zhuo stepped in and played the toddler cartoons on his phone until she was calm.

An anesthetist snapped the picture of the pair on September 18, and the photo since made its way around the Internet.

In an interview with People's Daily Online, Shi explained tears and apprehension are nothing new to the operating room.

He said,

In reality, it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl, they all get scared in the operating [theater]. As parents, we understand that the children are scared and can appreciate the worry of the family.

The young girl recovered, and her father was appreciative of her surgeon's kindness and patience, though he was unaware she ever had a meltdown.

The father claimed,

I didn't known until another patient had showed me the heart-warming photos on [his or her] phone. I almost cried. As a father, I am very grateful towards Dr. Shi for caring for my daughter in this way.

With the successful surgery now in the past, the girl can look forward to returning home tomorrow.

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